GoalTender college basketball recruiting and college scholarship planning
The Path To College Basketball

GoalTender helps the parents of top high school basketball players better understand how to secure a college basketball scholarship. Securing an opportunity to play college basketball is challenging, and families often have little insight into the college basketball recruiting process. Whether an opportunity exists depends on a variety of factors, including a player's athleticism, height and physique, knowledge of the game and -- equally important -- academic accomplishments.

Parent involvement often makes the difference between success and failure in the basketball recruiting process. GoalTender offers parents the indepth information they need to play a critical role in the recruiting process, including important timelines and search tools for targeting college basketball opportunities. GoalTender helps parents identify where a player is most likely to find opportunities to play college basketball and clearly explains the different levels of college basketball (NCAA D1, DII and DIII, NAIA and JUCO). GoalTender tools and information help parents and players understand the relationship between academic performance, athletic ability and college basketball opportunities, and guide families to success in the college basketball recruiting process.

  • Understanding Opportunities For Playing College Basketball

  • When to Begin Preparing for the College Basketball Recruiting Process

  • The Importance of Playing Club Basketball

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